Bed time nightmare

24 Mar

Bed time nightmare

Poor M is on her third day of no melatonin.

We think she might have an adverse reaction to it, as she has been telling me that her heart has been “going very fast Mummy”. She has been to the GP who said not to worry (I’m sorry this is my child and you’re telling me not to worry!), and she is due to have an ECG and an appointment with the paediatrician asap.

But of course, it could be the melatonin, or there is enough evidence from the internet searches I have to done to suggest that, so as any sane parent would do I have removed it from her bedtime routine.

Friday wasn’t too bad as she had been suffering with a sickness bug and fell asleep propped up against me on the sofa. Last night was a different story. it was 10.20 before she finally dropped off. Sadly this didn’t make her sleep any longer this morning, and tomorrow is a school day so I am dreading how hyper and sleepy she might be. It doesn’t help that we have had half an hour (so far) of yelling and telling me she won’t go to bed as she won’t be able to sleep. Staying calm whilst dragging a 6 year old up the stairs is no easy matter.

I have had some suggestions from other parents of autistic spectrum children about alternative sleep remedies to try, so tomorrow I will be ringing the local chemist to see what they stock, and hoping that one of these remedies will work.

Until then, I may suffer from some grumpiness!


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