System Error

13 May

Don’t you just hate it when you open a new window on your browser and the following message pops up:-

“Error 404 – page not found”

Or a typical one that we get living as we do in the wastelands of copper wire phone lines and no cable
“Insufficient bandwidth to upload/download” etc.

It is so annoying, and in a time of technology at our fingertips we get very frustrated when said technology lets us down, even when we understand the reasons behind it. I mean, I know the Highlands doesn’t have cable in lots of places and therefore our 2 MG signal sometimes drops out but why does it have to do it in the middle of my favourite programme that I’ve just found time to watch on iplayer? Even worse, sometimes a website is so swamped with “hits” that it crashes and then you just have to walk away and try to pretend you really aren’t upset about the fact you won’t get to buy tickets for Take That or Madonna or whoever your favourite might be.

So, how utterly baffling must it be if you can’t find an easy explanation for the system error, the missing page or the crash? You were sure the page you were looking at was there a moment ago. You hadn’t pressed the return key too often. You’d been patient. Maybe you thought you woke up OK and then everything just fell apart before your eyes, in the space of a few seconds? What caused it? Why are you screaming in the corner and smashing your head on the wall? I only gave you the pink princess bowl for your cereal because the yellow one was dirty from last night. You love princesses, it’s a princess, see? And it’s the same cereal. Honestly.

“She seemed fine when she went to bed last night, what the hell is this about?” “Muuuum, make her stop, pleease, it’s hurting my head”

And so it could go on. Pyjamas are itching. Chair “hurts” She hates her brother (“I was only looking at my cup Mum honest”) “Making me wear tights is EVIL I HATE YOU ALL I WANT TO DIE” “I MIGHT AS WELL BE DEAD, I WANT TO DIE”

Tears, screaming, throwing herself on the floor. And then, suddenly, it can be over as soon as it started. (Not always, but it can be). I arrive, shattered, a couple of minutes after the school bell has rung, and luckily the door is still open and the school secretary is there smiling to let us in. The cloakroom is almost deserted so M quickly hangs up her coat, takes her bag and walks through to the classroom with her “coping” face on.

I nip up to her teacher and let her know it’s been a bumpy ride this morning, but we both know that they are unlikely to get more of the same in school hours. Still, best to warn them in case the system overloads and crashes between now and 2.30.

As it happens I do think I know what caused this particular system overload and crash, We’ve had a lot of it since Friday. M had a temporary learning support for 3 days, including today, and by Friday night the change was just too much for her to handle. She became hyper-sensitive to all stimuli, and we tried to keep the weekend’s activities to the quiet sort, like drawing, play dough, dvd watching and playing with her large collection of tiny animals. It helped, a bit like turning off the computer and re-setting the router sometimes does, but not enough to stop the error messages popping up from time to time. And then of course this morning the fuse blew.

We have avoided any issues this afternoon and evening, and I am really hoping it will be a re-booted M that goes into school tomorrow, happy in the knowledge that her world is back to “normal” and she can deal with the lack of change in the week ahead. The picture she has just drawn me seems to point to a calmer M – hope you like it.



2 Responses to “System Error”

  1. Looking for blue sky May 14, 2013 at 3:42 pm #

    Having a similar day here with my son, hopefully tomorrow will be better for both of us x

    • ouremuk66 May 14, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

      I do hope so, I’ve had enough to last me a month this week, and it’s only Tuesday. Fingers crossed, and thanks for commenting 🙂

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