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Missing in Action

26 Nov

Me, that is.

It’s not like I have nothing to say. On the contrary I have words bursting to be heard, it’s just that so much is going on I don’t know where to start. Or should that be where to stop?  I need to stop. Go away. Hibernate.

But that won’t be happening. Or not for the foreseeable future. School, and life, are full on and I need to be present and correct for the winter term. Being away in the run-up to Christmas is a really bad idea when you have a Small Person with massive anxiety issues, and M is basically running on anxiety at the moment.

So, please bear with me. When I get five minutes to order some of my thoughts I will be back. Hopefully with something worth reading.


Silent Sunday

17 Nov

Silent Sunday

Curry night

12 Nov

Not sure what’s come over me as this has mostly tended to be a blog about autism in one way or another. But hey – my bio does say random musings so there you are. Deal with it or come back next time 😀

I was talking to the lovely @Mellowhuman the other day and I remembered how much I enjoyed mushroom bhaji. However, you can’t seem to get a decent one up here so he and I decided I would probably end up making my own.

I had the good fortune to pick up a box of organic mushrooms in the bargain counter so I figured I should google bhaji to see what else I required. Then life got in the way and I forgot about the mushrooms.

By good chance and the fridge being Arctic they were fine when I saw them today so I thought I would attempt some sort of homage to a mushroom bhaji. It worked so well I am telling you what I did – this is also a sneaky way of remembering what the heck I did before middle age robs me of my memory cells! 

One pack regular white mushrooms – peeled and quartered.

Splash of cooking oil into a frying pan,

One onion, finely chopped

4 large cloves of garlic, crushed

1 small green pepper, very finely chopped.

About 10 tiny cooked new potatoes, left in their skins and cut into quarters

Half a tin of chopped tomatoes

Dash each of chilli flakes, cumin, coriander, ginger and medium curry powder

Another wee dash of cumin (cos I love it!)

I kept the hob on a low heat the whole time so that nothing would stick or burn, and I vaguely followed (OK no I didn’t really) a few recipes I found after a quick Google. I added the potatoes as the mushrooms didn’t look very substantial when they were all in the pan, and the textures worked brilliantly together. When all the ingredients were in the pan I put the lid on to keep it from drying out – the half tin of tomatoes was the perfect amount for “enough” sauce.

Hubby and I (only one of my kids would eat this and she’s currently away at uni) ate this tonight with plain boiled rice, and though I hate to brag it was blooming gorgeous! 

Here’s the obligatory photo.



Silent Sunday 3rd November 2013

3 Nov

Silent Sunday 3rd November 2013

Lights out!

2 Nov

How many of you remember the hoo-haa we had over the change of street lamps in the village? Here’s a wee reminder if you haven’t read that post:

As the nights got progressively darker M has been struggling with sleep.  She has been a lot more restless in general, and she is waking during the night more often and taking forever to go back to sleep. I blame the light outside the window. Usually nothing bothers me at night unless I am awake because of one of the children (or my anxieties are out of control) but the blooming thing has been shining through the curtains like a lighthouse beam.

I went to the council offices.  I had noticed that a house along the road appeared to have some sort of paint on the part of the lamp facing the window and decided to explain about M and ask if they could do anything. The lady was very nice and said someone would be in touch.

I waited. And I waited some more. Then I decided I would call them at the end of the week and ask if anyone was going to contact me. But they beat me to it. I took M to bed on Wednesday and as I was drawing the curtains I noticed the lamp. Which now looks like this (please excuse rubbish photo but at night and with the salt-encrusted window it was the best I could do):



I fought against mentioning this to M and thought I would see if there was any noticeable change in sleep patterns.

Well I am delighted to announce that I think there has been a distinct improvement!  I am convinced that her sleep has been deeper, and she is definitely not as restless. Of course, this could be a co-incidence but I think not. Her sensory issues are so varied and wide-ranging that having a bright penetrating light cutting through the darkness is very likely to have been disturbing her. I too have noticed that I feel more rested in the mornings which is indicative of better quality sleep.

No-one from the council has contacted me but I don’t think I’ll be ringing them to complain! 

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