Partying without Tears

1 Jan

M asked, no, begged, to be allowed to stay up for the Hogmanay revelry last night. So did her brother. We decided that if they both behaved themselves during the day and weren’t showing any signs of hyper-tired-silliness that we agreed.

M got tested in her resolve to behave well as we dragged her along for the weekly food shop but she had Biggest Sister with her so they mostly did their own thing (for that read M getting spoiled with cake decorating goodies and a new magazine) while hubby and I did the hard slog. She was really good. I thought the shops would be heaving but in fact they weren’t particularly busy; we got there after lunch and a lot of the shelves were already bare! From a sensory point of view it was the perfect time to shop.

The evening went by in a blur – we settled down to watch a dvd – I’d bought The Croods specially for last night – and after it was over we had time for a nice drink (non-alcoholic as one of us was on taxi duty for dd1) and then got ready for the celebrations.

Our village has a wee “torch-lit” parade that starts at the war memorial with a hymn and a quick prayer, then heads down the Main Street to near the harbour at the other end, where we congregate and wait for midnight, when there is a fireworks display from the harbour wall. The torches this year have gone slightly more high tech (or maybe it’s H&S as they used to be tea lights in glass jars) but they now hand out rather impressive glow sticks. 

As we headed down the street behind two pipers (usually we have one but this year we were spoilt) the glow sticks magically appeared to turn into light sabres *sigh* but we kept the various children under vague control and made the other end of the walk without incident.

I had been a bit concerned about the fireworks as M always says she likes them but she’s been more unhappy than happy at every Bonfire Night event we’ve ever been to. Turns out it must be the excessive noise and crowds that upset her; she was in her element last night, staring up at the sky in wonder and delight. “So pretty” I heard her say to no-one in particular at one point.

After all the hugs and kisses were exchanged, and M and B had had a good run about with a wee school friend, most of us headed to the Village Hall for soup and hot sausage rolls. One of the local ladies saw the three children were in danger of getting themselves into mischief and promptly gave them each a small tray of sausage rolls to hand around. The boys were immediately off with the intent of emptying their tray before the other, but M needed me to tell her to approach groups of people, smile and ask if they would like one. That’s when I could see her autistic nature, she couldn’t just “see” what to do in this social situation. I was so proud of her, she actually did exactly what I said, and of course, small children are always looked upon kindly when doing such tasks, so everyone made it very easy for her by thanking her and taking a sausage roll (or three). I kept a gentle eye on her, and guided her to put the tray on a table when she’d done the rounds a couple of times, then she ate a couple herself (she wouldn’t try the soup) and carried on horsing around with the glow sticks and the boys.

We didn’t stay long, and the hall is almost next door to our house so it was a matter of moments before they were both changed into pyjamas and snuggled up on the sofa for a little bit of “down time” before bed. There is no point trying to put M to bed without giving her melatonin about half an hour to start working, so it was all nicely relaxed with Jools Holland’s music programme on and a wee drink for me. Then dd1 rang to say she’d been invited to crash over at her friends, and that relaxed us even more as hubby was no longer on taxi duty.

Just as Jools Holland was finished I noticed B had slumped and bless him he was almost totally asleep. We dragged him gently upstairs, and took a rather sleepy and protesting M up too, where within seconds both of them were out for the count.

I’m typing this at 2 pm and they are both showered, fed and quietly watching some TV. I’m not sure if they are too tired to argue with each other but they’ve been delightful so far. I am quite happy to let them stay up next Hogmanay after the success of this one.



2 Responses to “Partying without Tears”

  1. Tracy January 1, 2014 at 5:51 pm #

    Loved reading this!
    It sounds lovely….a village experience as opposed to what we see in London etc via the TV.
    It’s great that M not only got to experience it but to enjoy it…the pictures say it all!
    I particularly love the one where she’s totally engrossed in what’s going on.
    Happy New Year to you all. xXx

    • ouremuk66 January 2, 2014 at 12:58 am #

      Thanks Tracy, it is a nice thing to do, and it makes the whole New Year experience seem real. The piper is what gets me every time; the first time I rang my mum in tears of pure emotion.
      M did really well today as well, one outburst, probably from tiredness, but nothing that would prevent me letting her stay up this time next year.
      Happy New year to you all xxx

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