Bleurgh (The Poorly Post)

13 Jan

I might, if I’m feeling up to it, write about the events over Christmas and New Year  in a while, but today is about me.

I’ve had some slight dizzy spells on and off for a few days and brushed them off as not important as frankly I didn’t have time to be ill.

Yesterday however, I had trouble getting out of bed. Like, real trouble. The room would not stay still when I tried to sit up. Lucky for me I have a hubby who got the kids fed and dressed while I attempted to make the transition to sitting up enough to swallow a cup of tea.

I finally made it downstairs about 10.45 and did very little. I did supervise a wash load into the machine, and weakly look in the direction of the vegetables for the Sunday roast, but it was evident I wasn’t going to be doing much.

The day ambled along in a state of not-much-happening-let’s-keep-the-little-ones-amused until our late Sunday dinner about 3 o’clock. I was about halfway through when the vision in my left eye went very peculiar – I can only liken it to being like viewing through a kaleidoscope – and the dizziness increased. Had it not been for the dizziness I think I would have said it was like the aura I sometimes get before a migraine, but this time I had “extras”.

I decided to ignore it, but of course I’d reckoned without one husband and three vocal teenagers. My dinner went cold as I rang NHS 24 for some advice. I was fully expecting to be told to take 2 paracetamol and “man up” so I was staggered that the nurse sounded concerned enough for me to be asked to go along to the local out of hours service. Hubby put the eldest in charge and drove me away. By this point all I actually wanted to do was to go to bed – I was feeling very sleepy – but we arrived and were seen by a lovely doctor almost immediately.

No wonder I had been feeling cold all day, I had a temperature (a “low grade fever”), labyrinthitis and the beginnings of a migraine. So my “sparkles” were the aura. Turns out that the stress of the past two weeks has probably contributed to the migraine building and I needed to “go straight home and to bed”. I didn’t need telling twice. The doctor gave me some pills to help counteract the dizziness and mild nausea, and hubby drove me home. I took some paracetamol as I had the start of a headache and crashed out upstairs. I missed the afternoon, tea, and the whole bedtime routine for the little ones, and finally woke about 10 pm. My head seemed clear which was wonderful, so I staggered down for some tea and toast (invalid food of course) and went back to bed after a while on the sofa.

I didn’t expect to sleep at night but I must have been exhausted as I don’t remember much about it. I am wobbly this morning but I managed the school run, and have spent the morning doing very little. I think I need another of the horrible anti-dizziness pills now (horrid as they taste of artificial sweet stuff) and I might be press-ganging dd1 into making tea tonight.

As for the migraine that wasn’t – I have heard that some people can get the aura without succumbing to the headache part. If that what happened to me then I’ll gladly embrace it. Pretty sparkles are not nearly so scary if you know why they happen. In fact, if the gods see fit to send me any more, I’d like to put in a request for one without all the horrendous pain and 3 day hangover please! 


2 Responses to “Bleurgh (The Poorly Post)”

  1. Tracy January 13, 2014 at 11:39 am #

    Poor you! 😦
    Sorry to hear that you’ve been feeling poorly but glad to hear that your family supported you in your hour of need.
    I get migraines, with and without the ‘sparkles’ as you put it so I understand how you feel. They suck!
    Sending you a BIG hug and kissy X

    • ouremuk66 January 14, 2014 at 9:36 pm #

      Thank you Tracy, I have no idea why I was so sure it wasn’t migraine. The lack of majorly bad headache I guess, although I was fine without it!

      Family still being lovely, or rather, hubby is. The rest of them live in a bubble bless ’em.

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